H2 – for two harps

I cannot really recall what initially triggered my fascination for the harp. However, it was significantly intensified by the Harp Compostition Workshop at the 48th International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt with the Icelandic harpist Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir.
I was lucky enough, among six other participants, to be selected for my sketches on A String. Our aim was to complete the piece for the summer courses and premiere it jointly with the participants of the harp class.

When playing the harp in the traditional way, the player influences the instrument through two parts of the harp: The strings and the pedals. What will happen if I separate these two parameters from each other and fix them again, as distant as possible from each other? Resulting from this question, I developed the concept of H2  – cycle for two harps. In the composition A String will constitute the first part, since this only takes place at the lowest gut string A. In the following parts, the two harps are slowly hogged entirely in order to bridge to the pure »pedal movement« at the end of the cycle.

title:  H2 ( I. A String | II. –  | (further  parts in progress) )

harp I
harp II

duration:  6min –
date of world premiere:  2016-08-13 | Darmstadt, Germany

Score extracts can be found under ›chamber music and ensemble‹

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