STIMMEN – for bassoon solo

Our brain is the control centre of our whole body and it forms all our unique personalities at the same time. Yet, sometimes diseases or complications occur against which we, as human beings, are helpless and they take possession of this important part of our body.
These are thoughts you would rather suppress, but in this case they inspired me to deal with them musically.

Enchained to the player, in STIMMEN the bassoon takes up the role of a second body which is made sound in one moment, yet a moment later it holds the human voice captive and swallows it up. This relationship, full of suspense, lays the foundation for the further course of the piece – culminating in back-breaking passages made of decomposed sounds without any clear outline.

Instrumentation:  bassoon solo
Duration:  approx. 14 min.
Date of world premiere: 2016-28-06 | Karlsruhe, Germany

You can find sheet music as well as sound samples in the category »Solo«.

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