2020-06-23   2pm  |  » S P I E G E L «  for clarinet solo
Konzerthaus Berlin  |  Werner-Otto-Saal 

clarinet:  Magdalena Faust
commissioned by  Konzerthaus Berlin,
funded by Freunde Junger Musiker Deutschland


2021-03- 05  &  06  |  new collaborative work for baritone, noh-singer and traditional ensemble
Motoharu Kawashima and Yū Kuwabara  
National Theatre of Japan  |  Tokyo

comissioned by National Theatre of Japan

2019-01-20   laureate concert of the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Competition 2019:

G I T T E R  for violoncello solo (commissioned by Freunde Junger Musiker Deutschland) | 7pm | Konzerthaus Berlin

Performed by Jonas Palm