I am Marc David Ferrum. 24 years old, composer, artist or just one of those ominous ›creative people‹. My passion and talent for things that require phantasy, creativity and an eye – and of course an ear – for the beautiful things in life appeared quite early.
Besides music, which has always been an important, if not the most important part of my life, I am also strongly interested in photography and interior design.

However, principally I am a composer and currently doing a bachelor’s degree in Music with Markus Hechtle and Wolfgang Rihm at the University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany. My interests are especially instrumental and vocal music as I am again and again inspired and fascinated by their multifaceted possibilities.

Since early 2016, I have had a growing interest  in traditional Japanese music as well as  the use of traditional Japanese instruments together with contemporary music. For more information, please visit the menu item ›Japan‹.

Portrait from Elisa Beck (in german) | music journalist | HfM Karlsruhe:

Komponist Marc David Ferrum klassisches Porträt schwarz weiß