Welcome to my homepage! I am a composer of contemporary music currently doing a bachelor’s degree with Markus Hechtle and Wolfgang Rihm at the University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany. However,  my further interests regarding creativity will also be part of this website, so:

Come in and find out!


Unter the heading  ›Works‹  you’ll find a listing of all my pieces for various instrumentations such as solo pieces or chamber/ensemble music. A selection of the corresponding score extracts and sound examples can be found in the categories called ›solo‹ and ›chamber music & ensemble‹ .


»Marc David Ferrum’s compositions inspire me to get up in the mornings. Mainly because they echo through our flat at 7am.« [Rebekka D. – flatmate]

»Wherever you meet him, you’ll recognize him by his gold or silver sparkling sneakers.«  [Elisa Beck, music journalist]


You can listen to my works on the following dates:

2019-01-20   laureate concert of the  Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Competition 2019:

G I T T E R  for violoncello solo (commissioned by Freunde junger Musiker Deutschland) | Konzerthaus Berlin

performed by Konstanze von Gutzeit