harp playing 101 – für Harfe und Elektronik

»101 (pronounced ONE-oh-ONE) is a topic for beginners in any area. It has all the basic principles and concepts that are expected in a particular field.«

Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

We all know them, the tutorials on video platforms like Youtube and Co.
Public enemy No.1: tax return. No more problems with Tax Return 101! Or you want to repair your broken sandwich maker yourself? Sandwich-maker-repairing 101 got you covered! 

If you are a harpist yourself, sitting in front of this piece, you know that the playing techniques composed here are by no means the basics of harp playing, nor do you start with such. Nevertheless, most people in the audience don’t even know fundamentally about the structure of the modern concert harp. “Oh there are pedals too? I thought you just had to pluck the strings!” is a typical comment all harpists know and love.

But how should one know? Harps are still considered “exotic” instruments, which you rarely get to see up close as a normal person. I have made it my task to change this with harp playing 101. And so, in a way, harp playing 101 actually does begin with the basics of the harp – at least from the audience’s point of view.

Title: harp playing 101
Instrumentation: harp and electronics (tape)
Duration:  approx. 5 min.
Date of world premiere: 2023-03-01 | Norwegian Academy of Music Oslo, Norway
Harpist: Lotte Krüger

The audio file for Electronics and Click can be requested by mail at kontakt@marc-david-ferrum.com .

You can find sheet music as well as sound samples in the category »Solo«.

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