GLASHAUS – music theatre

A fictional room with infinite possibilities. At its center, an object of desire: plastic. Surrounding it: an ensemble – an ecosystem of instruments. A soundscape in which three anonymous characters maneuver: A, V and M.

Triggered by their actions, the sound of the instruments in GLASHAUS transforms under the increasing influence of this miracle material. Plastic (ger. “Kunststoff”) becomes the substance of art (“Stoff der Kunst”), and the audience finds itself in the midst of fascinating sounds whose transformation it can experience firsthand.

The controversial debate on the subject of plastic was decisive for the artistic examination of this material, which led Marc David Ferrum and director Marianne Berglöf to their approx. 50-minute music theater GLASHAUS. This does not decide between good and evil, it is much more about the ambivalence of the material and how we deal with it.

»A combination of sound installation, performance and music theater that should be urgently shared with the world.« BNN

title:  GLASHAUS

clarinet / bass clarinet
percussion 1
percussion 2
coloratura soprano
mezzo soprano
solo harp
solo piano
double bass

duration:  approx. 50 min.
date of world premiere: 2019-10-12 | University of Music Karlsruhe, Germany

You can find sheet music as well as sound samples in the category »music theatre«.

Harp: Lotte Krüger | baritone: Lorenzo de Cunzo | mezzo soprano: Lovisa Huledal
Foto: Ras Rotter
Baritone: Lorenzo de Cunzo | soprano: Sophie Buß
Foto: Jakob Schreiber

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