SPIEGEL – for clarinet solo

We are used to a mirror always showing us reality – aren’t we? But is what we perceive also always real?
As in “Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking-Glass,” a mirror can be not only a solid, hard sheet of glass, but also a fluid boundary between reality and imagination.

In SPIEGEL (german for “mirror”), the clarinet player finds themself between two mirrors, two layers of perception, which are twisted against each other until both of them and everything in between are reflected in a rapid whirlpool.
The cold, angular surfaces blur into distorting mirrors, which obscure and distort all contours until they almost dissolve. The initially smooth surface becomes a water reflection through which one can glide into a new dimension of perception, if one dives through it.

Title:  S P I E G E L
Instrumentation: clarinet solo
Duration: approx. 8 min.
Date of world premiere: 2021-09-15 | Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany
Clarinet player: Magdalena Faust

You can find sheet music as well as sound samples in the category »Solo«.

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