2020-06-23   2pm  |  » S P I E G E L «  for clarinet solo
Konzerthaus Berlin  |  Werner-Otto-Saal 

clarinet:  Magdalena Faust
commissioned by  Konzerthaus Berlin,
funded by Freunde Junger Musiker Deutschland


2021-03- 05  &  06  |  new collaborative work for baritone, noh-singer and traditional ensemble
Motoharu Kawashima and Yū Kuwabara  
National Theatre of Japan  |  Tokyo

comissioned by National Theatre of Japan

2019-12-10  |  11am   premiere music theatre »GLASHAUS« :

Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe (University of Music) | MUTprobe 1
further performances:  12-12  11am | 12-14  11am | 12-17  7:30pm | 12-19  7:30pm
Dernière:  12-20  7:30pm

For anyone from 12 to 99 years

Duration: approx. 45′

Tickets can be purchased on reservix.de

2018-07-18  New compositions concert:
›s p l i t t e r  4‹ 
for bass flute, clarinet, percussion, harp and piano | 7pm | Kunitachi College of Music | Tokyo, Japan

Performed by instrumental students of KCM. 

2018-04-23   Nachtkonzert der RKM-Jahresversammlung:
for soprano and string quartet | 8pm | Rittersaal | Schloss Mannheim
Performed by the Jabberwock Ensemble 

2019-01-20   laureate concert of the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Competition 2019:

G I T T E R  for violoncello solo (commissioned by Freunde Junger Musiker Deutschland) | 7pm | Konzerthaus Berlin

Performed by Jonas Palm


2019-12-10   Premiere »Glashaus«:  Music theatre for children and adolescents (german language)

A vision about a possible future considering the “miracle material” plastic and the change of our world. For children and  adolescents from 10 to 16 years. Also open for every interested person no matter what age group.

Premiere:  2019-12-10
HfM Karlsruhe (University of music) | MUTprobe 1
further performances are intended on: 12-12 | 12-14 | 12-17 | 12-19

composition:  Marc David Ferrum
libretto:  Marianne Berglöf | Marc David Ferrum
stage director:  Marianne Berglöf
conductor:  Alois Seidlmeier
performers:  students of Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe

duration: presumably approx. 40 Minuten

A cooperation with   Institut für Musiktheater Karlsruhe


2018-04-10   “Akademische Feier” due to the beginning of summer term 2018:
›summernightmare‹ for soprano and string quartet | 5pm | Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum | Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe
Performed by the Jabberwock Ensemble

2018-01-19 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Hochschulwettbewerb:
for soprano and string quartet | starting from 10:00am | Universität der Künste Berlin